Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drama mama SOS

The lack of posts on this useless weblog has probably left you people thinking this and that.. Too busy with work? Too pressed for time nowadays with the new schedule? No internet? The truth is.....

Nope, that's about it.

I don't know why, but things are up to my neck nowadays be it regarding academia, personal relationships, physical appearance (weight-.-),  livelihood and just about everything else. Even my skin hates Russia right now with my stress being evident in the form of stubborn breakouts. Can't seem to get rid of it and it simply makes things worse. Urgh.

Retail therapy was a stress-relieving option last year but I can't say the same for this year thanks to the thrift and prudence I picked up from nowhere( I dont even take my wallet out when I leave the house ). Also, I think I need not stress the fact that I simply do not have the time. -.- Everyday I come home and collapse and have nightmares about my lessons and lectures the next day.

I have this sinking feeling like I am irreversibly stuck in an infinite loop. There is also no least objectable alternative I can hang on to to take me out of this rut. Ok fine, to be fair its not exactly a rut. I'm just not used to the idea of sitting down and studying like mad in order to SURVIVE classes the next day. Either that, or go to class blank, get humiliated by lecturer, feel insanely depressed and stupid after. And trust me, getting up from that is a hella lot of work.

Sidetrack: The metro lady pissed me off so badly this morning I accidentally cursed her right in her face with a myriad of adjectives one might use to anger an overweight middle-aged lady with a broomstick up her anus. I don't feel bad. Not at all, for I have done nothing for me to treat me the way she did. The person behind me in the line seemed to agree with me.

Also, MK is homeless and me being helpless is making me feel.. welll helpless. Excuse me because I have become quite proficient in stating the obvious. -.- ARGH. I can practically FEEL my brain rewiring itself into something immensely indecipherable and working unpredictably everything I am thinking/saying right now is coming out in an annoying, self-pitying, incoherent mess. Blerghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sidetrack: Another person is annoying me terribly and its not because I'm being irritable or anything because its still too early in my cycle for me to play the PMS card. Besides I've also conducted an 'experiment' confirming my suspicions that she is deliberately doing this to me on purpose. (Drama wth. Bite me) Also, I'm not the only one agitated by this person's attitude. I have a whole group of people who will back me up right now if I were to put the story up here. Muahahahahah but I'm in a pretty charitable mood right now so I shall spare this person the agony.

Only 5 weeks into 3rd year and I'm already wishing it was over. Clicking my heels together but WHERE IS THE DAMN CYCLONE THATS SUPPOSED TO TAKE ME HOME DAMMIT??

Help! gulp

Oh, but I still manage to do all of the above witha smile on my face. I'd own theatre I had the opportunity. Muahahahaha.

Time to sleeeeeep :) byebye

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izzati_azmin said...

russia for you and me :) S.A.B.A.R