Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why hello :)

Internet deprived. Help. *if anyone knows how to change my internet setting so I can receive ad-hoc from a windows laptop, room 408 yah. fankius. Here I've managed to hijack my housemate's computer before she comes back from the hospital so I shall update you real quick!! :

I've settled down :) Well, not like there was a lot to settle in the first place but once again, I'm back in routine and academia has taken precedence.Wake up, class, class, class, eat, class, class, come home, stone, stuff face, watch house, study, watch House M.D and sleep, sleep, sleep till the 7a.m alarm clock screams in my ear reminding me that I have to repeat all of the above for the next 18 hours. New subjects (for the benefit of mummy and daddy) : Pathologic Anatomy, Pathologic Physiology, Internal Disease, Pharmacology, General Surgery, History of Medicine(-.-) and Med Info, which is basically computer class where they teach you how to use Excel, Paint and Word. YES. WHAT CENTURY ARE YOU RUSSIANS LIVING IN?! I think in Malaysia, even babies know how to text wrap and format layouts. -.-


On an entirely different note, 

Selamat Hari Raya! 
Maaf zahir dan batin :)

Twas a very good raya despite waking up late and missing solat  in the morning -.- Weather was unconvincing at first but it progressed as the day went by, resulting in yummy photos!

Though its hardly the same, spending raya without lemang, rendang lampong and the family :( Next year lah, okay?

Okayla, the housemates are back which means Ive got to go.... :( byebye for now.


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