Monday, May 24, 2010

Harlow Hao Ar Yu?

Hello. Sorry for being pretty MIA haha. Have not been very busy, just very lazy :)


Got called back to the Anatomy Department to get our WHITE-A4-PAPER-SO-CALLED-CERTIFICATES  for my:
'fruitful work in the Student Scientific Society of Human Anatomy Department during three semesters and for making a written report of her research work "The Functional Anatomy of the Liver" and excellent mark on Human Anatomy. We congratulate you on your achievements and wish you further success'

In all, it was a waste of time when I could be home, watching Grey's with my Microbe booklet -.- Not only that, we had to endure 2 hours of blablabla on scoliosis and organ transplant before we got our certificates. And we thought that Sapin (the text book guy) was going to hand us our certs but turned out, it was just the head of department. -.- akljdhsf

Tada! Us with our A4 PAPERS in the museum with the extremely creaky lino floors.

Besides that, we went for our final Physiology lecture today, and also to collect our zachots (credits) from Ionkina.

Saw her all flustered and cute today after two semesters of sarcasm and stringency because we got her flowers (which made me late for lecture)! She loved the flowers and she was smiling from ear to ear (ok, cannot see from the picture la but she was!!) which made us very happy as well (very rare in her presence) sigh. Will miss her once we're done :(

So yeah la thats about it, the other days were spent in waste. Not proud of it, but wtvr. 
I still feel that Finals are very far away when in reality, its in 2 weeks time -.-


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