Monday, May 24, 2010

Because I loike.

Day started out bad because somebody PROMISED me something but due to unforeseen reasons or whatnot, that somebody could not hold to his end of the deal. -.-

Things didn't look up till after I got my Physiology credit from Ionkina. Then I rushed all the way back home only to be greeted by an unmade bed and an intimidating pile of dirty dishes.

After fulfilling my role as my own personal Indonesian maid, housemate ajak-ed me to the market to buy chicken. 

But we came back with :

MANGOES! Why am I excited? Because its usually hard to find and is normally ridiculously expensive.

Apples. -.- Buy this all the time but gatal take pics. nvm, layan. 

Same -.-

And alot of other weird stuff la. Yay to new fruits besides the usual banana, apple, pear mishmash. Mini peaches (?!), kumquats and some green small fruit which was very cute but VERY sour. No pics because I couldn't be bothered. Either that, or they were gone before I became gila terlompat-lompat taking pictures of fruits.

dammit. -.-

But its okay, know why?

PROOF that (1) I do go for lecture (I do, MOM) and (2) I DO pay attention (I do, MOM).

This is a graph of power/intensity of emotions against time. As you can see, negative emotions dissipate at a much slower rate than positive emotion la ha. So that why I was feeling down and blue for most of the day. That is until I got my credit (refer to 2nd pink curve-POSITIVE EMOTION AMAGAD) and that is able to alleviate most of my negative emotions(refer to detached lines). PLUS my market escapade made me forget about my sissy melancholy completely.

So today, because of my fruits, I am a happy camper :)

3 comments: said...

dah agak da ur so diff today.. tp takut nk tegur..huhu.. anywy, gudluck2..doakn kite sume dpt result terbaik!

ieda said...

luv the apple picture :D evana pakai lens ape ek?

Evana said...

aim: uwaaaaaa haha. iA kite sume okay :)

ieda: kit lens shj keke :)