Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because its 1 am

And my mind is saturated

with Meredith, Yang and McDreamy

Instead of virulence factors, complements and Shigellas.

I can sense the feeling of impending doom settling down upon my batchmates and I as final examinations ride closer and closer each day. Evidently, it has driven some to seclusion, others to anxiety, and a few to the physically unforgiving point of illness.

Its strange how I have been desensitized to studying. People around me study ALL THE TIME. 24/7/30/12/365. And in a way its good that I'm not affected by it, in the sense that I don't stress because I'm not studying. But in a totally different way, some degree of pressure and stress would be nice. Especially this time of year.

Floats my boat, anyhow.

Goodnight :)


Jaslyn said...

study la shigella lawson. hahaha my word verification is bickowwo

YenWei said...

same. exam tomorrow. I'm just hoping to pass. mx studying her arse off and Im still like meh.