Wednesday, March 3, 2010



How long must we wait, in this cruel winter fate
To see one flower bloom, to have sunlight in every room?

So we can have toast, what a spread to boast
Along with jam and tea, oh my how happy I will be. 



ieda said...

evana, how do u set the pictures size so that they appear big in ur blog eh?

Evana said...

link it to flickr ke photobucket or any image storing website :)

ieda said...

ouh, ok. i'll try then walaupun x faham sgt. hehe, ok thankssss ;)

Amy Fareena said...

i can't wait for spring!!!
tired of all these dirty melting snow and ice.. urghhh

Evana said...

i know! the day after i posted this, moscow suddenly became SUNNY!