Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lets Nom :)

Comfort foods bring us warmth when Jack Frost rages outside our door, they wrap warm arms around us when we feel lonesome, they caress us when we're bruised and broken and they smile at us when our hearts are full of anguish. In reality, comfort foods don't really change the problems in our lives, but they do make them more bearable. Hehe :)

Surely ice cream is on everyone's list or warm chicken soup, or mashed potatoes or even bread and butter pudding. The list is defintely vast and there is certainly no clear cut list as to what food makes us comfortable.

For me, the food doesn't necessarily have to sate my hunger or even taste phenomenal. It simply has to make me feel better, ease my mind and give me the slight feeling that everything will be okay. Thats what I need sometimes, just a small amount of time to regroup my thoughts, the moment devoid of the weight of setbacks and to recall what is really important in my life.

Ok, am I asking too much out of food? Possibly. But then again, its pretty simple :)

 Made Wat Tan Hor for lunch brunch today. The product of a leisurely Thursday morning. 
"love love love :)"

Only you can define what food puts back the wind in your sails; only you know what taste is able to transport you to a better time,and what smell is able to waft you to a warmer place. It doesn't matter if its a digestive biscuit or a plate of nachos, if it makes you feel better, its comfort food :)

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