Monday, March 1, 2010

Back in Memory

With the spewing of tweets about the recent Swimming Gala held in CiLC, my mind couldn't help but wander back to 19, Jalan Setiabakti 1, Damansara Heights.

Dating spot with the fish satay uncle.

Reader, school is a milestone in my life I will definitely never ever forget. Embedded in just these two words, 'Sri Cempaka', brings back memories of hopes and dreams, laughter and tears, problems and answers. It reminds me of why as you get older, you begin to yearn for those days full of carefree laughs and unexpected surprises.

 The place where I extort homework from people almost every morning.

High school marks the beginning of many ‘first time’ deals. Whether it may be the first time you put on braces, or perhaps the first time you ever got held back during lunch for Chem extra classes with Mr. Wong. School marks the first of many more firsts. For me, Cempaka marked many different things which subsequently resulted in the person I am proud to be right now.

Here, I discovered family and friendship. Friends make us laugh, help us enjoy human experiences and bring us solace and comfort in time of need.

 5ScOne with Mrs. Gale

Friends can be faithfully dependable, during those times in life when it appears there is no one that can be counted upon. Friends are priceless in a world where it often seems virtually everything has a cost attached to it.

Our batch may be small, with just over the 100 of us - but it is this lot that taught me tolerance, love, kindness and respect. In short, they brought out the best in me.

And unfortunately, also the worst -.- (we be cool yo)

It's funny how things that happen in our past shape the people that we ultimately become. There are so many things that happen that we never even think twice about until all of a sudden, out of no where it hits like a ton of bricks. Events that happened as far back as years and years ago can impact so much of our lives.

 (Made that placard 4 years ago and I saw it again during my last visit to school!)

These early memories spur me on sometimes, when I look back and lament about how carefree life was when I was still in the early stages of the education system. Stress drags down spirits, but these memories of early school life help me regain my footing, refreshes my soul with confidence, and I can start afresh again.

 Sports Day '07

Three years later, I've come to realise that Cempaka prepared me for life, to stick out and not dog the footsteps of others.

High school. Truly is one of the most baffling points in adolescence - when you're starting high school you're happy, then you can't wait for it to be over; then when its over you miss everything about it.

Sigh :)

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Jaslyn said...

SIGH. Good times.

Evana said...

i know right :) haha

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beebee said...

OH GAWDD what a horrid yet memorable photo! heehee miss u vana!