Friday, February 19, 2010


As you can see, I've changed the layout of my blog. I didn't quite plan it through hence I would appreciate your honest opinion.

 Drop me a message :) 

Thank you.


Amy Fareena said...

it's super boring... LOL!!!
kidding... it looks mature and elegant and simple. unlike mine. mine looks too girly-childish to be honest. hahaha.. even i think so. i wonder if i should change my layout again..

Evana said...

haha! thankyou tp da tuka dah!!!!!!! cannot live with the black one.

Jaslyn said...

I like it! More approps compared to the super sleek black hahaha and I like the humongous header, it takes up the whole screen lol.

Evana said...

thankyou! its DAMN HUGE. haha.
hated the black. so not ME. haha

ieda said...

eye catching, yes ;)