Saturday, February 20, 2010


"I hate you."
Today someone told me that they hated me. I'm not going to read much into that considering I have done nothing wrong to the person and the reason on which he is resting the outlash, is hazy. It could jolly well have been meant as a joke, for all I care. Its better to assume better things out of a person than.. well, assume bad things I suppose. 

The world once spoke of the good and blessed but now it smells strongly of hate and despair. Hate is a strong emotion, even almost comparable to love itself. The stronger the emotion, the greater the attachment we feel with the object of our emotions. To hate someone, we are pledging a great deal of emotion to that person and it definitely takes a great deal of ourselves so that we are vested in this hate.

So, when we say or think to ourselves, I hate so-and-so, remember that we are using precious energy to tell those around us of our feelings when only a touch or a few words is more than capable enough to convey the same need to express ourselves. 

Be nice. :)
A little kindness goes a long way. 

But for now, I'm about to take the Pillow Express to Dreamland and rest up for the weekend.

Goodnight :)

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