Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rat race

In the last package Mummy sent me, she had the pinkest of courtesy to include a book knowing very well that at that time my examinations were about to draw to an end. 

Around the same time, the movie was released and I am the kind who watches the movie first then only will I indulge in the book because only now I can put faces to the characters haha. Blame the hypoimaginative brain please.

Some said that the movie was mediocre with the book being better (yeah, typical comment -the book is MEMANG always better ok) and some said that it drove them to tears. 


I absolutely adore Rachel McAdams (ever since Mean Girls *insert ew here*) and that is a perfectly good reason for one to watch the show already. Then the casting crew had to throw in the amazingly delectable Eric Bana to portray Clare's counterpart, the time traveler himself - Henry DeTamble.

Mmmhmm. Its just like toast overladen with strawberry jam. You think "oh this isn't going to be comfortable". But then it goes into your mouth and it tastes wonderful anyway.

The story got to me in a different way though. I was moved by the determination of one woman to make a life for two people entirely on her own. The book pictured her with moments of weakness in places but the movie conveyed it quite differently. 

Again, its about faith. Believing in things you can't possibly comprehend in the current state of time. Waiting for Henry's periodic visits - days, months, even years. 

This is definitely one of your 'aaaaahhhhhhhhh....' stories. Both the book and the movie amazingly did not manage to disappoint me.

My recent tweet read: Now man rush to grow up then long for childhood later on. 

Ironic. Just remember that time travel is not another fish in the sea for the average you and me unless you are some distant relative of Henry's la -.- . 

So I think that its about time we ran a different race. :)
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Liyana Nadia Zulkifli said...

evana! where u download???? i want the link puhleaseeeee!

Evana said...

i took it from julian :) haha. sry

nazer@mubean said...

uuu..i loike rachel mcadams! hahaha

Evana said...

so cantekkk :)

ieda said...

we're so alike! suka tengok cerita dulu then the movies :D anyway, dah tengok the notebook? rachel mcadams! and the story is really sweeettt ;)

Liyana Nadia Zulkifli said...

dah tgk too! finally!!!... next: Dear John aggaaggaa