Saturday, February 20, 2010

Date with the Sun

At the start of light spilling through my windows, I stretch from my head to my toes.
I start the coffee, the toast and the shows.
The morning is too lazy - without the sun, I'd go crazy.
I no longer dread the morning sun, for this time, it promises fun :)

Ahh.. morning, the start of a new day. Yet another chance to add to this journey towards heaven a bit more joy, love, and prosperity. Yes, the goodness of life is more abundant with the start of each new day. And "morning is your first blessing" when you awaken.

Yesterday, I ran late for class. If I had rushed out right after waking up, of course I would have made it in time. But I opted not to. I love the quiet in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day starts. That fifteen minutes of peace is an important part of my day. I need the time to regroup. The first sip of coffee and the quiet usually makes for a great day ahead. When I don't get that slow start to the day, I'm usually a bit miffed. This is why I almost always wake up a full hour before grabbing my shoes and scarf and head out the door.

I even like the crazy morning commotion of getting ready for school and work. Everyone on a mission, to get wherever they have to be on time, is like a race. And most times, it's a sprint but I find even this part of the morning to be fun. It's a little stressful but overall it's fun.

Currently reading: James Meek's The People's Act of Love.
amongst other things;) i.e Physio and BTHM.

Almost every Saturday, once everyone is out the door, I normally spend my mornings writing, reading and cleaning while listening to music. It's my time for me. Years ago, I would never have thought two hours of reading and writing would be exciting for me but it truly is.  :) 

Right now, I'm pleading guilty to my unhealthy addiction to caramel coconut morsels. Add sweet oranges to the mix and we've got ourselves a saccharine breakfast. If you fancy Diabetes as your final destination, I'm definitely on the right track.

On a different note, I've always believed each day brings new hope. Even when I was younger, this thought would roam around my head when I was having a bad day. I have always thought today might not be so good but tomorrow morning everything will look different. And it usually does.

So in all, cherish this, and each morning that follows as a gift for yourself and those you love as the start of a new day. Be the person that you long to be this morning, and look forward to tomorrow.

Goodbye, now :)

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