Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 1: MOW-BCN

Dear Reader,

So from now onwards you should be able to expect a vomit of posts from my recent travels. You shall just have to bear with me because if I don't it'll soon become stale and I will never hear the end of it from mommy dearest. So the journey started on the 19th of February, just two days after our last paper. Kak Azmin came over the night before to help me prepare for my journey and it just made me realise how unprepared I was! I initially planned it to be a 'wing-it' or 'whatever goes' kind of trip and that usually works out okay most of the time. To make things worse, I haven't even began packing and that got me all jittery thinking about the trip.

Anyway, she helped me draft out the outline of the trip and we pre-booked all the tickets needed and we were all set! The next day, I loaded up my backpack (read: HUGE 60 litres backpack which is probably half my height) and set out for LMK's place for thats where we will be taking the cab to the airport from. Had lunch, an hour later we were at the airport. F&N were scheduled on a different flight to Barcelona via Prague while LMK and I were to go via Amsterdam.

Was just testing our my new Sigma 10-20 which I purchased just the day before :)
After about 6 hours of air travel, we reached El Prat airport taking our time because it was well.. about 11pm and we were in no hurry to the hostel anyway. Managed to get a few minutes of shut-eye while waiting for F&N, who were arriving about an hour later. Zzz...

When there's nothing else to do

You make silly faces and hope you look cute anyway. Fail. Evidently. 

Two hours later, they arrived and we took the aerobus to Plaza Catalunya, i.e the very centre of Barcelona which clearly didn't look it at the time considering it was close to two in the morning. Instead, it was deserted/creepy but thank God for 24 hr tourist information counters! The lady advised us to take the cab to our hostel because it was quite a distance to cover on foot. Fyi, buses operate round the clock here in Barcelona! After abt 10 minutes, we reached the hostel and checked in. We stayed at UrbanyHostel Barcelona. Very professional place with reasonable rates: 11 euros per night, breakfast/wifi/linen/towels included. Clean with en suite bathroom which is always a plus! Just didn't quite fancy the 'lights out after 11pm' thing. Mind you we arrived at two in the morning, and unpacking/showering combined with lethargy was clearly a challenge without lights. -.-

So after the usuals (facebook status/tweet/path/foursquare/instagram updates), we went to bed excited for the day to come! Little did we know that we were about to get leeeeetle bit more adventure than we'd initially hoped for :S Stay tuned for that!

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