Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bump In The Road


So as promised, today I'm finally telling you what really went down in Barcelona. I'm not going to talk about the city itself but really more about the 'thing' that happened(Mom, I suggest you sit down for this). Well, so as planned we picked up our car from the train station and we decided to skip the GPS to save 80euros... Big mistake. Navigating with the map is simple if you're traveling from city to city but navigating in the city itself is a major headache. Please do NOT even attempt this. So we went around the city blablabla from attraction to attraction and then we decided to head back to the hostel to rest/have lunch.

LMK was driving and we were hopelessly lost for a bit. After about 10 minutes trying to find our way back to the hostel, we finally got back on track and were only a turn away from the building. We stopped at the traffic light and about 100 meters after that, we were supposed to turn left. So we were on the middle lane and LMK signaled left from the traffic light itself and due to the heavy traffic, he could only cut in pretty close to the junction itself. We were about to turn in when I looked over my shoulder to the left, felt a hard hit and all I saw was a man flying past our car onto the road.

We were all pretty stunned for a second, not knowing what to do. Turned on the hazard lights. Turned off the radio and the boys got down to assess the situation. The man was splayed out on the ground, as was his motorcycle not too far away. I was trying very hard not to let the shock overwhelm me. My body started to shake as I watched passersby coming over to offer assistance. An older man took out his cellphone and immediately alerted the authorities. The man wasn't moving. Not a flicker. Chest movements and pulse were present which provided some sort of relief.

Five minutes later the police arrived. Started to question passersby about what they saw and they weren't helpful saying that we were in the wrong. Things didn't look sunny at this point. The ambulance arrived not too long after. They pushed the car back because the man was partially under the front of our car and checked his vitals. Everything seemed fine, and yet he remained unconscious. The strapped him up and took him into the ambulance to provide further medical assistance.

Bla bla bla to make things short, not too long after that, the paramedics came back and assured us that the man was just concussed and will be able to go home soon :') Since the man was alright after all, the police agreed that it was not our fault, really. So the boys settled the reports, and we were free to go. So we parked the car, and walked back to our room to pray and gather our composure as 'some' people (read:LMK) well, me included also lah were still in shock.

Spanish police - pretty macho I must say.

It is a wonder that we had to be tested and tried this way because other people drive and Barcelona and most made it through without all this shiznit. Gahhhhh, there was probably a lesson in there somewhere  to remind us again why we came on the journey in the first place. We definitely practiced caution for the rest of the journey and thank GOD we made through the next 2000 km safely :)

ARGH, writing that actually made me palpitate. I might not have conveyed the story right but it was just one of those 'you had to be there' kind of moments, yknow?

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