Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hey ho! Been feeling a little lost lately just because my schedules cleared up greatly since all the colloqs are over but it'll start again soon enough. Topography Anatomy was tiresome and I was surprised I passed considering I didn't even complete my paper let alone check it. Since my weekends are usually super occupied, my weekends strangely fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays now. Hehe. So last night, I indulged myself in a few movies guiltlessly and woke up super late this morning -.-

Seemed like just yesterday people were tweeting about March and bingbangboom.. Its April. Time definitely isnt showing any signs of slowing down, ey? In a blink of an eye and already a third of 2011 came and left. Only a few months left till finals. Only a few months left till the end of third year. Only a few months left till summer holidays. Only a few months left till I get to satiate my need for yong tau foo. T.T

On a different note, happy 21st birthday to my LMK :) With both feet in the realm of adulthood, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

"You're 21. You are officially a man."

"Ya, I'm a big boy"

"You mean, a MAN?"

"No, I'm a big boy"

Lol. You may be mature in terms of digits but deep down, you're still the 19 year-old I'm familiar with :)

And to you, dear April:

Please don't disappoint me :)

*urgh that was so annoying. couldnt come up with a better excuse to post a picture of myself. a vainpot one summore -.- But yeah. mmhm.

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