Friday, December 10, 2010


I pray for the strength to be able, and I pray for the power to be stable. 

This is a prayer for my soul. 

I pray for God's hands to wipe away my tears, I pray to survive these few labored years. 

This is a prayer for my soul. 

Despite my wandering feet and wandering mind, You were always there to pull me behind.

I pray to be whole and free, I pray to stop running away from me. 

I pray for hope of a brighter day, but I can only hope things will go my way. 

Dear God, inch me forwards towards my goal, 

This is, a prayer for my soul.

14/12 : Russian language colloq
15/12 : Patho Physiology colloq
15/12 : Microbe colloq
17/12 : Pharmaco colloq
23/12 : Patho Anatomy colloq

12/01 : Take taxi to Domodedovo ariport and proceed to Etihad counter for check in
13/01 : Home sweet home :)