Friday, October 15, 2010

First snow

I know for a fact that most are upset that its snowing in the middle of October but seeing the trees outside my window covered in its white winter blanket just makes me happy :)

Mom, you can't see it here in this picture but ITS SNOWING OUTSIDE!

Since 1st year, my academic schedule has always allowed me to look forward to Fridays knowing that Saturday and Sunday will always be there for me to enjoy :) You have no idea how thankful I am to be able to sleep on Saturday mornings while others have to trudge the now horrible weather to class. Hurhurhur.

OH, btw my flowers are still very much alive.

I shall now retire to my little corner and layan my favourite band of surgeons and physicists :)

Useless post. But then again, all my posts are. Hurhurhur :)
And I'm pretty excited about winter! Change has to come eventually. Might as well embrace it ;)

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