Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Let it be known that I used to be a very morning person but sadly, Russia has stripped me of that pleasure. So this morning, I had no choice but to skip shower -.- and my morning coffee and brave the horrible weather (SNOW? IN OCTOBER?) all the way to Barrikad for Pharmaco lecture. 
Prof Enikeeva, you are so sweet but your break-taking tendencies made me half an hour late for PatPhysiology which consequently made Prof Pirozhkov PO-ed and ended THAT class late as well. Then I had 30 minutes to rush all the way to Okhotniy Ryad for Microbe to find out that I was early. HAIH all that speed walking for nothing. Microbe was another disaster. The teacher gave the me the 'eyebrow' four separate times within 2 hours. -.- Supportive classmates I have. 

Things started to look up when the teacher ended class early today. Made my way home only to be pickpocket by a GYPSY for the fourth time. The train came and we were all waiting to enter the train. The doors opened and just as I was about to enter, I felt something and wahey! A big-eyed gypsy had her hand in the pocket of my bag. Didn't get anything coz there was nothing in the pocket. HAHA suck on that. My luck, I tell you..... Just when I chucked last week's episode behind me, another hits me today. What are the odds? -.- 

All in all.... today was a relatively challenging day therefore I am determined to start the next day well-rested. You know, just in case ;) 

Goodnight :)

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Diyana Shah said...

omg , kena pickpocket AGAIN ? you poor thinggg