Monday, April 26, 2010

8 months

Yes. 8 months went by so fast I hardly had time to evaluate the things I have done this year. After 8 months, similar to the previous year, I find myself in this place where almost every night before I go to bed, thoughts about home and all of its marvel weave in and out of my lucidity leaving behind this feeling of strange yearning to be back home surrounded by things which are intimately familiar.

Things/Persons/Animals I cant wait to be reacquainted with :

Mummy, Daddy, Nini, Lily and Eddy
Nyehehe. Loving me is obligatory.

 More food

*ok too lazy to upload pics already. 
 The beach!
 House which needs to be repainted and redecorated
Resurrection of the EOS 500 collecting dust at home. Oh! Do you know where I can get expired films?

Okay, I thought there were alot more and I know theres alot more but my memory is failing me right now. 49 days and counting. 49 49 49 49 49 49. That's exactly 7 more weeks. 
I'm sorry to have wasted more of your time and I suggest we all go back to what we were doing previously. OR if you want to be good, STUDY. @sen


bernebaby said...

kat any shop that sell films. usually camera stores kat taman perumahan confirm die org ade. jus ask them. they will sell cheaper summo. i've bought a few but have yet to try em. wawaweewa.

Sen said...

yes i NEED TO STUDY!! T_T guess what i helped cook today! chopped onions till i cried -_-