Friday, February 5, 2010


Wanderlust. Is it a gift? Or is it an affliction?

Life is kinetic, that's for sure. Hustle and bustle occupy our souls and minds - justtttttt not the way that we'd like it to. So, to keep from going crazy at the hands of routine, I had to push back with something of my own.

I purchased flight tickets.

I recently came back from a 10-day trip of adventure, and fun and self-discovery in Paris and London. The adventure part was definitely covered - after chilly nights on airport floors and jumping aboard trains with unknown destinations and also barely missing our flight homeward. The other? Shall cap that later hehe.

I apologise for I have so much to say but everything is intensely blurred right now in a lethargic mish-mash of blehs and blahs, its giving me a tummy ache. Though I still place part of the blame on indo-mee, Wok in the Box, Tesco sandwiches, Krispy Kreme and English coffee.

Arf, the rooms in a horrible mess with laundry on the floor, bags half unpacked and groceries on the table keeping my macbook company. The need to defecate is sky high but the ability to do so is quite painfully sadly the opposite. Shit. (no pun intended)

Shall answer the question above soon enough, along with updates et cetera, right after I tend to my Visa business and the other business.


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