Sunday, January 31, 2010


Earlier this morning, I was supposed to catch the 8am bus to Manchester for catch up with Meixi. Unnaturally, I ran a little late due to poor judgement and missed the bus altogether. After failing to forward my reservation and catch the later bus, I disastrously dragged my tired self back to Sen's place on Russell Square. While waiting for the train, I sat down and read the advertisements on the walls of the station and one particularly caught my eye. 

'There is a beautifully simple way of coping with the increasing pace of life. Its called stopping.'

And I thought 'wow' that is true. I miss the feeling on one-ness and unity with time and space, living in the NOW, my mind devoid of troubling and worrying thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow. Maybe its time to stop.  

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Jaslyn said...

Don't leaaave.... you can read more life-changing ads if you stay...