Sunday, December 27, 2009


Many people, myself alike, fancy the idea of starting the new year with a host of resolutions. Duck soup some may say. But to others, hmmm not quite. We resolve to wake an hour earlier, or to devote Saturday afternoons to Anatomy. We resolve to watch less movies, pick up a new hobby, eat more healthily and even (crazily) focus our attention away from studying for piats and avtos.

Most of us fail entirely and spend too much time on our bottoms mourning our losses.

The year 2009 has been a great one although I may have been walking on eggshells for some part of it. But mostly, it has been an amazingly fulfilling year. Thumbing through my diary, I caught myself laughing inwardly at the silly things that the 2009 Evana had the pleasure of doing. Sure enough, 5 minutes later - I reached some depressing part in my diary and strangely, the feeling that bathed me was entirely different.

I felt fine.

Regrets are inevitable but I was fine with regret. I was fine with the way I behaved, the way I felt, because ultimately, they are all in the past. I could hate the Evana that dealt with that certain so and so situation, but where would that hate take me? Not a very pretty place, I presume. If I were given the chance to experience 2009 again, I would have to say nothanks :)

So what do we do now? We could, say...... check off the resolutions that we have managed to live up to, make new resolutions and try live the next year trying to live up to our new resolutions. ajkdfadfgaklh BLERGH.

Anyways, this year I have decided to take a counter-intuitive approach to some of my resolutions. It's kind of a homeopathic remedy, and like most people who turn to homeopathy, I am desperate and not sure it will work. Here they are:

Previous resolution: To supress the need to shop. Mostly for unnecessary things like bags and shoes and jackets.

New resolution: To encourage the need to shop. Mostly for whatever.

Clearly, I have to start making attainable resolutions. But there is a simple logic behind this. The more you are told NOT to have this one thing, the more you yearn for it. So, this year. Go wild Vans, lets see how far you can go before you trip and fall on your big bumbum. -.-


Previous resolution: To write decently.

New resolution: To write as horribly as you can.

How can one be expected to write decently with Doris Lessing and John Milton staring at you from the bookshelf!

Previous resolution: To eat more healthily.

New resolution: To eat whatever the stomach wants to eat.

I am very well aware of the very evident genetic lineage of coronary disease and diabetes which exists within the family and it is true what they say, you are what you eat. But I choose to believe that I should enjoy eating healthy food rather than eating it because its good for me. So by the end of the year, I should crave tofu burgers :)

Ok, we might have to rethink this.

So there you have it, the more superficial resolutions I have on my list for the coming year. Will I hold my end of the word? We shall see. If by the end of 2010, I end up penniless, on the hospital bed with a thrombic stroke with zero ability to string words to justify my situation, then we will then have the authorisation to use the word...


The remaining of my resolutions are slightly more intimate, involving conscience and sentiments and that,

are only for those who care.

Merry New Year :)

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