Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What TV does to one

Three days into the holidays and I am already bored out of my mind. In reality, I should have my nose buried in my Anatomy and Histology textbooks as final examinations are just about coming into view. I SHOULD be eating otic ganglia, sleeping macula densa and breathing neurovascular complex.

However in truth, I shamefully admit that I have done absolutely NOTHING but wake up at ridiculous hours, upsetting my morning routine which consequently upsets my entire day which results in a day in which I have accomplished nothing.

So, in that 'nothing' I have managed to finish all 5 seasons of How I Met Your Mother (well up till the latest episode la), watched a couple of worthless movies (but 500 Days of Summer was enjoyable) and overloaded my gastric system with gobs of junk (future cellulite and spare tyres).

We all follow shows and there will be a point where you (well at least me) start questioning ourselves - what if life were a sitcom? or a drama? (whichever suits your fancy)

I think that it will be LEGEND - wait for it


Ok, no. -.-

Earlier today, during one of our online meet-ups, Yeng started matching our real-life friends to characters on How I Met Your Mother and its funny how in every group of people, there is a Ted Moseby, Barney Stinson etc.

Here's the verdict:

Ted Moseby - a professed romantic aspiring to get married and settle down. Yeng is romantic but I highly doubt he is looking for marriage at this point of time. Annoying, idealistic and mildly narcissistic. Sounds like the very kind of douche everyones either hates or loves. We chose to love him ;)

Next we have Robin. Robin is a no-nonsense news anchor with a strange obsession with guns.
And we have Sen. Okay, not right. Well maybe we can relate Sen to Robin Sparkles, the young Robin who was a teen pop star. Wheee thats right. But makes Sen most alike to Robin is the unspoken tension/connection/whatever between her and Ted which has been going on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever... -.-

Then we have the couple. The lily and marshall. Self explanatory me thinks. Albeit Chengjin is hardly 6'4" and Sheng is not a kindergarten teacher.

And then we have the BARNEY. Barney is a confident womanizer in his early thirties who almost always stylishly wears a suit, likes girls with Daddy issues and is always willing to offer his opinion. Dakk is well, not far from Barney in the sense that juggling girls is what he does best. But with that aside, he is a great guy whom any girl will be lucky to have :)

The rest of us, well... didnt quite suit any of the other characters with the closest being Jas to Victoria the baker, me to Stella the dermatologist (which makes bi a karate instructor?!) and probably Sean Leslie to Ranjeet the driver.

Pointless, but it provided me with my daily dosage of amusement and it reminded me of how important it is to treasure the relations that I have with the people I care about.

With that, I shall hit the sack :)

Lets hope that tomorrow will be slightly more fruitful, shall we?

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