Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Rainy Day

Dear Dad,

I have heard one too many times that there is a perfectly good reason why the past did not make it into the future. But a few nights ago, it decided to amble upon the present and pay us a brief visit.

One would think after 19 years, I would be able to differ likes from dislikes, and joy from pain. It humbles me to know that I am no further from where I began.

Dad, your mere presence resonates integrity, youth and strength. To picture you in a disposition, all frail and feeble is close to impossible but when reality fell hard on me, it became transparent.

Only then, I knew what pain is.

Well they say that everything was created in pairs. With this tribulation, fear and regret are starting to set in. What's our story, dad? You and I? 15 years down the road looking into the eyes of my children, I do not want to have to think twice about what to tell them if they were to ask about grandpa. This startling realisation dwelling in my mind this very moment about how little time we have till skin and bones, is a blessing. Praise God it came soon enough.

I have been sitting around collecting dust, disregarding all that you have done for us as a family. I have overlooked this man - the man who puts his family above the pursuit of success and worldly pleasures, the man who loves to crack my toes and tickle me to the core till my cheeks shine with tears, the man whose energy and humour is enough to brighten any rainy day.


It appears to me that this is not the time to run through life with a fine toothed comb. Time is usually cure for most things like cuts, bruises and disappointment but as of now, I find that it is the bitter enemy.


ummi said...

Your message is obscure, but it is most poignant. It is so beautifully written and I sense that it wasn't written with your brain and fingers but came straight from the heart. You make me want to crouch next to you and hug you real hard and tell you...we are the world and I love you.

Got this link from your mom..i don't know why, but i am shedding tears.

Love you

Evana said...

thank you so much for you support and concern. Means plenty to me :)