Friday, November 13, 2009



I am sorry, but I have an imaginary friend. Her name is PeeEmAss. (not as in PMS-Perpetual Motion Society ala Big Bang Theory season 1 episode 13 'The Cookie jar Conjecture' but more towards the premenstrual syndrome kind of PMS, ignoring the fact that it has extended into my menstrual phase, so technically its not PREmenstrual anymore, but calling it MS would just be weird, ok shutup.)
ANYWAY, she would like to say that there are groups of people who like to :

1. Point out the obvious.
I am sure that we are all blessed with the intellect to process and consolidate information within our own minds and there is no need to point out and repeat what has been previously understood just for the sake of 'saying it' to reassure ourselves of our own intelligence. Really.

2. Think verbally.
Again, refer to no. 1. You might also want to take the fact that others around you are not able to practice sustained attention with you going 'blablablablablablablablabla' to yourself, into consideration. But its not a crime, we're not pointing fingers at you. It is proven that verbal perception is a part of the learning phase. So we can't blame you. It just derails me, that's all. Nothing against it, absolutely. You can't deny a physiological process can you?

3. Accept rhetorical apologies.
This is a funny and strange one. When one offers you a RHETORICAL 'sorry', it is commonly understood that one should offer an apology in return. Especially when the reason is so trifling or you're just saying it to make the other person feel better. Not 'accept' it. Its not like I have done any injustice to you. NONE whatsoever, in fact. (well, maybe at that particular time and place) Sigh, I guess some people are just programmed to think that they are well above others. What to do? Unfortunate, but they colour my life :)

4. Be rude.
For the umpteenth time, rude is NOT NICE. Maybe you should sign up for an extra semester of psychology. Or sociology. Or take etiquette classes. Or watch youtube on 'How to be nice to people'. Beats me.


Please be aware that I am not specifically directing any of the above to any one of you, ok? Its not me! Its my imaginary friend. Go blame her! Go tell her to play far far away! Shoo shoo!

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