Friday, November 13, 2009

Aunty Rose

Dearest Aunty Rose,

I am so glad that you have finally decided to visit me after ignoring me for the past 6 weeks. The anticipation was no less than agonising.

However, along with the relief comes dread. It severely pains me when you take out your angst on my joints and consequently my livelihood as well, resulting in me seeking medicament from warm yoghurt and chill afternoon naps. It may sound good to some, but the physiological sensory and emotional experience more commonly described as 'pain' is far too overwhelming for aptly pink coloured analgesics to supress.

Aunty, I understand that you are family. I assume that it is not too far fetched to say that you are a part of me and I most definitely CAN wait for the day when you and I will part permanently. I appreciate you thoroughly and I understand what you bring to my life. But it is a pity that somehow you always manage to congest my life, abstaining me from doing things that I would naturally love to do. I am quite a huge fan of routines and I have to admit that a slight deviation once in a while can be refreshing, but not when I am inevitably forced to bend it around you.

In spite of all, I couldn't be merrier that you have finally decided to come and grace my life :) You haven't forgotten me after all teeeeheeeee!

So dear friends,

Now I can go to bed content, knowing that I am a physiologically normal teenage homosapien of the feminine gender. On top of that, I am more than satisfied with my accordant regulation of gonadalsteroids thanks to a functioning hypothalamus signalling the transduction of such biologically active substances from the adenohypophysis which in turn result in the desquamation of the endometrium. Weeee.

Hereafter, goodbye premenstrual syndrome! Hello, Evana-syndrome :)

Anyone up for 2012 tmr?

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