Saturday, November 7, 2009

Evana: Hello
Mr Mcdonalds: Hello, may I take your order miss
Evana: Sure *orders stuff*
Mr Mcdonalds: Ok, may I repeat your order miss?
Evana: Okie dokes
Mr Mcdonalds: *repeats order* Will that be all?
Meanwhile in the background Chiifen mouths "I WANT MORE TOMATO SAUCE"
Evana: Oh, my friend wants more tomato sauce please
Mr Mcdonalds: Err, okay, sure. More..tomato..sauce..
Evana: Yes
Mr Mcdonalds: Will that be it miss?
Evana: Yes, thank you
Mr Mcdonalds: Okay your reference number blablabla. Thank you for choosing Mcdonalds!

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