Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pet Peeves

Evana's pet peeves:
  1. People who squeeze toothpaste from the middle of the tube. Seriously. Place the bottom of the tube firmly between your thumb and index finger. Then, gently apply pressure to the bottom of the tube and slide your fingers upwards.
  2. A messy bed. No matter how late I get up in the morning, I simply must make my bed so that I can come home to a nice, neat, bed. :)
  3. Tactlessness, tardiness and rudeness.
  4. People who are very kan cheong. CHILL omaigod.
  5. Wet bathroom floors.
  6. People who simply aren't very generous with their smiles :)
  7. People who can't stop smiling. I believe said "Smile", and not "Resemble a Chesire cat, please".
  8. People who get into arguments just to prove the other party wrong and make themselves feels better about the inferiority of others. Snobs.
  9. Stationery bandits. After EVERY anatomy class, I come home with half a pencil case. To the people who are currently in possession of my liquid paper, my favourite red pens ( yes, both of them), my blue and orange highlighters, my plastic ruler (which I found yesterday - well, half of it at least), my purple colour pencil and yellow mechanical pencil - please be notified that I will be very happy if you were to return my belongings to me. Kthanksbai.
And last but most definitely not the least,

10. People who leave...

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