Friday, June 17, 2011

Midnight Blurps

Funny how with examination, priorities have shifted, with most allocating time only for the basics i.e prayers, eating, pooping and sleeping. A year ago, I knew that getting through 3rd year wouldn't exactly be a leisurely stroll in the park. I'm not complaining in any sense. In my opinion, this experience is truly a test of character. This certainly isn't for the fragile-hearted.

I hope that I won't lose sight of my goals along the way. Looking farther might be an incentive to some, but for me the short term goals are necessary to help me stay on track because sometimes, the future just seems a tad too far away. :S No doubt it will dawn upon us soon enough, but right now it isn't what I really need.

In all honesty, I am ashamed with the way I study. Cramming has proven effective in certain cases. But in most, its simply a recipe for disaster. I have tried studying consistently for the past 8 months but the phrase "the more you study, the more you realise you don't know" is undoubtedly and inconveniently true. Bahhhhhhhh. (not like ive been studying that hard anyway pun la -.-. sometimes, i do enough to simply get by. hmm)

I apologise for the incoherence but this noodle-head is simply posting up this crummy blog post to avoid memorising pages and pages and pages of drugs.

Exam Updates:
5 final papers this semester: Pat physiology, Pat anat, Pharmaco, Internal Disease andddd Gen Surgery.
Done with the two pathologies and I am extremely grateful to God for how things turned out :)
Now its time to channel the last bits of my energy towards Pharmacology and Internal Disease. Easier said than done because currently I'm running on an almost empty tank. Bahhhhhh. I honestly am dying for everything to be over and just sleep for 26 hours straight. And nurse my panda eyes. And start running again. And lose the exam spare tyre.

Okay, I've probably wasted enough time typing out something no one will ever read because I'm assuming I've lost all the readers once used to have (which is not many to begin with) due to the long period of inactivity T.T.

Blackbird and Monkey have been locked up indoors for the looooooooooooongest time I hope they haven't lost their profound love for beauty and light ;)

Till next time :) xxox

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