Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear reader, Despite the inactivity, I still see a trickle of traffic keeping this page alive. Yay, thanks to those who visit, whom I assume could only be my parents trying to check in on me :) Well, the past few weeks have been full of holidays, one of the many reasons I like spring term. Started with the intervarsity games holidays, then Hitler's birthday, then labour day, and lastly victory day which is today. Unfortunately, snd sort of festivity will have to wait thanks to numerous impending colloquiums, credit tests and last but certainly not least - FINALS! With only 4 weeks till my first paper, I foresee sleepless nights in the weeks to come because in all honesty, I have been slacking quite a bit. T.T Ah wells, last minute full on cramming has always been my thing. It's efficacy is debatable, but it has sat well with me in the past. No reason it shouldn't this time, right? Since we are on the topic of medicine, I have recently found out that my tolerance for caffeine has decreased significantly. I admit that I used to chug down coffee without the sightest worry. Now, I have to think twice if I should drink tea or not. Meeps. I used to take about 3 cups of coffee a day on average. I used to not be able to function without starting my day with a cup of coffee. That went on up till I started feeling bad after a few cups of coffee. Palpi, anxiety, nervousness, chest pain,tachy etc. My heart was going so fast, I honestly felt like exploding. Today, I feel that way after just half a cup. I have been trying to avoid caffeine, and I did, a few days at a time. That was until my last episode which lasted for about 2 days. Eventually I resolved to tea but even so, the sharp shooting pains still persists. So yeah, I hope I've managed to waste your precious time by making you read about my weakening heart. Byebye!

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