Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Renewed Spirit

Countdown to final microbiology paper: 6 days. 

That is 6 days of me ceaselessly trying to cram bacteria, viruses, antibiotics etc into my tiny teeny head. At first the task seemed daunting and impossible. But intense introspection made me realise (not like I didn't already know this) that I am not here to find love, I am not here for fun, I am not here to shop, I am not here to sharpen my microwave culinary skills but I am here to get that MD for the benefit of many in the future.

Ok that's a whole load of cheese to last me 6 months but IT'S TRUE RIGHT?!

Every second spent on Tribal Wars is a  patient killed. Every minute spent online shopping is a law suit gained.

This kind of spirit hardly ever comes along, so I'm not going to waste my time any further.

Accio pens, paper and textbooks! We have work to do!

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