Friday, January 14, 2011

Hokie Pokie

After 11 hours of HORRENDOUS air travel, I'm back home, weeheehoooooohahahuuuuuu! Service was acceptable but sitting in front of a dood with a built-in TROMBONE was nothing to be happy about. The Sungai Petani (overheard his conversation before he dozed off) frikking orchestra started 8 minutes after boarding and did not stop (with the exception of mealtimes) till we landed in Sepang. Oh Mai GEE GEE. Never knew one could snore that loud -.-

Came back to a refurbished room, excellent food and a smelly Eddie! Nolah, he's not smelly, just grey -.- Shall take him to the groomers tmr. And touch up white roots. Lol.

Okai shall go run errands now. Off to Dr. Ruben's and hopefully the salon after that. Tata!

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