Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hubba Hubba

Ok, so Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with a few other women. Nike keeps telling us/him to 'Just Do It' so well he.. JUST DID IT la right? 

These few days have been very stagnant in the sense that nothing exciting is happening besides passing colloqs and collecting zachots (credits). Strange enough, it's as if the dormancy uninhibited me slightly. I did things I would normally never do, say things I've never said to anyone before and thought about things I've never even considered before. 

Usually, I spend HOURS browsing through online stores, filling up my virtual cart only to hopelessly empty them in the end. -.- Today however, I actually checked out my multiple carts on multiple sites and with that, I have finally conformed to guiltless consumerism. Aiyak. Its only when the credit card statement arrives will I be 'attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis'

Yes Shelly, screwed we shall be. 

Besides guiltless shopping, I have also grown to be guiltless with my speech! Whaaaaa..... Sometimes I replay the conversation I just had with so and so and think back only to be annoyed and disgusted with myself. But words can't be taken back and an apology won't do anyone any good in this situation because its too little too late right right right? Right. Besides that, I've also managed to face my problems face to face (heehee, sound funny right right right). I'm just following Mr. Woods and I JUST DID IT! As in, voice out things that I'm unhappy with or things I don't like about something/someone la.   Strange enough, that I don't feel guilty about. This under-appreciative s**t has to end somehow right right right. No sane person in his right mind will ever subject himself/herself to wretchedness and emotional abuse (fwoah so ganas). 

With that Shelly, we can unscrew ourselves. 


*I'm gnna watch me some nigahiga videos now. GO WATCH! 

Warning: may exacerbate happiness and induce severe cacchination!

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