Tuesday, July 6, 2010


After 6 strenuous hours of BENGKEL, naik bukit turun bukit naik bukit turun bukit parking parking oops oops belakang lagi, lepaskan clutch, start balik enjin, pergi naikkan balik tiang yg awak laggar tu, laju sikit laju sikit, bebaskan gear, tarik handbreak and BREAK BREAK!!!! ADA BAS DEPAN AWAK TUUUU !@#@%@%@#@#, I came home to a huge plate of spaghetti, orange juice and 4 extremely attractive poslaju parcels lying enticingly on the kitchen counter.

Without hesitation, I went for the largest one from Penang because I knew that within its stiff cardboard walls lay my new BFF (best friend(s) forever. sheng, jas and sen, you guys have been demoted!)

Guys, meet my new Blackbird, fly :') aka the BBF.

Looks good and it definitely feels good. Its a bit on the smaller side but that just makes it fun-sized ;)
Oh, and its also a medium-format camera which shoots on 135 which makes it more convenient and definitely cheaper to maintain than your average TLR camera.

It definitely is not in the same league as the big boys i.e Hasselblad/Lubi but I love it nonetheless.
Can't wait to get a taste of its TLR goodness. 


Jaslyn said...

hahaha WHAT is that?? show some pics!

Jaslyn said...

and i miss you :((( am soo bored here, everyone's gone back already. Sigh.

Evana said...

I miss you too okay, pls come home quick !

Sheng said...

wat is this!?!?!?? hahaha does it take cool photos!? sorry im a photography noob and im not getting *demoted* so easily without a valid reason >O

im damn sleepy in the com lab now. i cant wait to go home and PARTAY PARTAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!