Friday, May 28, 2010

Words of wisdom

From a daddy to his daughter:

"Why is your blog getting more and more boring everyday?"
Because my life has been like that la. So sad.

"Why do you look so old!!!!????"
Because I AM old. I'm almost 20.

"But you look old. You look like you're 27!"

"Not my baby anymore.. :("
You have two fat annoying ones at home hahahaah :)

"You look like some aunty jual ikan"
Why thank you daddy, I love you too.

"You also look like a misi"

Conclusion: Daddy needs new glasses. Or a new laptop. Dear daddy, I know you're reading this. Comment laaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So boring. :(


Diyana Shah said...

your dad is so cuteeeeee. lol

Shaadon said...

Nana, mummy here. You know how daddy's sense of humor can kill us sometimes. Don't worry , you are still our number 1 baby.