Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My Monday mornings usually start off with - me missing 3 alarms and cursing the morning sun for inhibiting the secretion of melatonin which unfortunately brings about lucidity from which I cannot escape no matter how hard I resist. Then, I realise that its too late to rush to Fiskultura (that's Phys Ed to the most of us) and gladly jump back into bed not to sleep, but to daydream and 'rest up' before I leave for lectures later in the day.

But two days ago, I miraculously woke up an hour ahead of my alarm (yay me!) and looked out the window only to be greeted by spring in full bloom complete with the sun, noisy birds and kids on bicycles. This just lent a hand to the resolution I made the previous night right before going to bed - that is to go for P.E.

And so I went! Equipped with enthusiasm and also my cheap, scratched but trusty camera :)

Being the kaki bangku that I am, I spent most of my time laughing and running for loose balls whilst holding my camera in one hand haha. Football and Evana just don't quite get along. It even came to a point where the coach made me put back the camera into my bag and eyed me until the little black baby was tucked away in there for good.

Insert ball here.

Tracy is damn funny. Haha. And she has a horror movie scream. So cute. :)
That's a volleyball by the way ahaha :)

In the end, it wasn't the running or the kicking that got me bent over, clutching my sides in breathlessness. Instead it was the laughing we all bore witness to :)

As children we laugh, on average, 400 times a day. Upon maturity we laugh, approximately, 15 times a day. The life dissatisfaction we face, the constant stress lingering, and the boredom of reality often hinders laughter and we don't even come close to the 15 that statistics promised you and I. 

Children can run around in a backyard and believe it is the best time of their lives, can we as adults run around and find laughter in simplicity? I'd like to think so, but reality chooses to disagree with me. 

More merry days ahead, I hope!

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ieda said...

you will. many more cheerful days to come! have a lovely day :)