Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fretful and Frilly

Since currently my life has been reduced to a stale and bitter stagnation, and my mind is offensively turning its back on academia, I shall proceed to bore you with another one of my milk-and-water posts. Can?

I am proud to tell you that my routine has not changed since forever i.e wake up, go class, stone, stone, come home, cook, eat, Grey's, fb, twitter, fb, fb, fb, twitter, fb,  fb, sleep. Work? Noop. Study? Noop. That probably is the cardinal justification main reason for my extremely horrible academic performance this semester. (Sorry mom!) It upsets me in the same way everything else does but I just lack the motivation to actually DO something about it. Except Physio maybe. Well that's simply because Physio actually makes plenty of sense and is marginally more interesting than Microbe. -.- Also, I have reached a point where it is physically exhausting trying to assimilate prostaglandins and PLP whatnots. I fear my fate come June i.e FINALS.

So, last weekend I decided to get off the beaten path and hopped on a bus to Kursk for the malaysian intervarsity games. Netball was good. Handball sucked. Basketball was awesome. Go Mr. MVP Lamborghini Superstar! :)

 Picture stolen off fb - so unrelated but WTVR.

Came back from Kursk only to be greeted by a three-day quarantine in conjunction with Hitler's Birthday. Glad to report that no friends of mine are either injured or dead. Typically, a wise medical student will benefit the three-day holiday and prepare well for the controls at the end of the week. Me, being atypical and stupid, decided to succumb to laziness and did nothing except stuff my face and Grey's. And I also had the cheek to complain about being bored.

Boredom. I daresay that is my biggest challenge this month. Boredom is after all the inner sanctum of the mind. It is where thoughts go to ponder how they will mingle, how they will cooperate with each other in dong the bidding of the one procrastinating. Where there is no substance there is space, space is an empty mass that has no purpose except to contain or enplace substance. I have never understood the useful purpose of boredom, for within it's concept nothing is accomplished.

The mental weariness, dullness, dreariness, tedium, monotony is really starting to get to me. Its making me more and more uninterested in the tasks that surround me. Having said all that, here are the things that I find myself doing in my meager attempt to combat this necrotic disease:
  • Make myself a cup of coffee/milo
  • Eat oats
  • Buying something new for myself
  • Pick up the phone and call someone, anyone. Actually, just one. HAHA.
SAD RIGHT? Wouldn't you just kill to be in my shoes right now? Fabness guaranteed, peace!

On a lighter note, its Spring! Spring! SPRING MY ASS IT SNOWED THIS MORNING (apparently la, think I slept through it haha). I cant wait for the barbecues and picnics to commence! Meanwhile, we shall all patiently wait for the grass, and flowers to come out. They've been hiding for far too long.

So how did your April go? :)


ieda said...

u played netball? uuu, i miss netball! likely to be my fav sports in high school. hee.

btw, have a nice day n cheer up! :)

Evana said...

yes i do! and i like it :)

thanks! same to you :)