Friday, April 2, 2010

Empty Post - please dont bother.

Dear JAS, SEN and SHENG,
I miss you guys! 10 more weeks. 10 more weeks. 10 more weeks. 
(that also means 10 more weeks to FINALS) 

Sen - Barcelona!
Sheng - Please dont be emo pms homesick :( Later I also kena pms emo homesick. Go make new Japanese friends!

Told you it was an empty post. Nyehehe


Jaslyn said...

MISS YOUUU. aabc? hahhaha sorry.. not quite sure i get it..

Evana said...

aiyak jizz typo. i meant abbc. ahbengs

Sheng said...

what is this secret language all! today i woke up from a nap and it was dark and i had "all by myself" as my background music in my own head -.-

Sen said...

barcelona? yes what bout it?? haha

i miss you guyssss sighhh good luck for exams vana and jas!! and me too ):