Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birds of a feather

I actually hauled my gargantuan butt out of bed today and further dragged it all the way to Red Square (yada yada symbol of Moscow blabla) for an outing with photographers Saiful Nang and Ahim Rani. I'm surprised myself! Evana dearest, THIS you can go for tapi Biochem lecture? -.-

SN and AR

But dear friends, the thing that made me giddy the whole day was.....

Sp Ed Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8

Envious? Yes, please be :)

Actually, don't envy me. Envy me only when that thing is really mine and when I develop enough bicipitis brachii to even hold the thing up. Haha.



ieda said...

wow! mcm mana boleh jumpa saiful nang? best nya! btw, the lense looks bigger than u. hikhik

AinNurAlia said...


sy nampak beg camera mewah (merah ejaan gedik )


AinNurAlia said...

and sy bangga beg tu dapat jumpa SN, sbb beg tu dah bersentuhan selama beberapa jam dengan tembikai sy assume tembikai sy pun dah jumpa SN.


sorry crap

Evana said...

ieda: sbb die ade hal sini so die organise outing ni lah tok kitorg :)

aya: buuuwekkk!!!! hahaha sye da kemsalam kat orked tok awak :) hahah