Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello :)

I actually woke up early this morning to drag myself all the way to the Taganskaya hospital IN THE SNOW, to : put on white coat, put on meshki (shoe covers, which I had to PAY for), go up to the waiting room, waited for an hour for the teacher, say hello to the teacher who subsequently asked us for our credit books then signed our credit books (which took like another hour) to signify that we have completed the course, take off white coat, throw away meshki and then leave the building.

Surgical care taught me: NOTHING. that plenty of hospitals in Moscow have pianos. -.- Seriously, WHY?


Then, groups 13, 14 and 15 decided to head over to Universitet for a lighthearted bowling session after getting our surgicalcare credits!

Its definitely a refreshing break from the routine: wake up, go class, stone, go back home, stone, sleep.

Watching their balls slide into pins sending them tumbling and crashing to the floor definitely brought smiles across everybody's faces! Almost as exciting as the bowl itself is was the laughter and the amazing spirit everyone sported in spite of everything.

I'm interested to see what develops from this bond after 6 years of strife and struggle :)


nama saya aya said...

sy takde!
tak aci tak aci

Evana said...

sape suruh!!!! :( :( :( we missed you