Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bikes and Brownies

Dear God, how do I stop tomorrow from stealing all my time? Its already 3.42p.m and the only thing I've produced today are hypoglycemic cheesecake brownies.

Extending the nonproductive-ness of my Saturday, I was just flipping thorough Flickr when I realised that almost everyone has posted up at least one picture of a bicycle, or bicycles (me included). blah. This triggered a chain of thoughts which threw me into a tizzy. On a bicycle, to sustain balance, one must always keep going, right? (kan liyana?)

Sometimes I get the feeling that I’ve lost my balance. Sometimes I can’t even tell time. For some reason when I look at the clock I always figure it out to be five hours ahead. Ok it's not for "some" reason, its because at one time I was in a place, and the time difference was five hours ahead of the place I am in now. Now the place I am in has no real time. I'm never really here, I'm always living in a back moment, or daydream, like I'm falling down the rabbit hole but there's no end, there is no Wonderland to discover.

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