Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The world needs a new kind of army - an army of the kind

Last night, skinny and I watched The Blind Side (coincidentally, so did many other people haha. Liy's take on it here)

"Honey, you are changing that boy's life"

"No.... He is changing mine."

Based on true events, Hancock captured kindness and magnanimity sincerely within the contrasting characters of Micheal Oher, a plus size Forrest Gump and Leigh Anne, a spiffy housewife of conventional upbringing, so perfectly - we can even begin forgive the familiar and stereotypical plot (getting the better of racial complexities etc.).

A no frills film with plenty to offer, it is worthy of your must-watch list :)

P.s. If the film succeeded in setting the fashion amongst its audience to be more kind to the people around them, its work here is done :)


Liyana Nadia Zulkifli said...

and I bet you loved it as much as I did! ;)

Evana said...