Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lets put it on LOUD!

Just because I am in an lousy mood. 
1. I cannot stand crudeness. Please talk nicely. I don't understand how some people can speak to an equal with so little respect and courtesy. 

specimen A: "WOIH, borrow scissors."    *accompanied by fookface*
urf annoying.

2. I am not one who is able to put up with clutter. I unfortunately have roommates who are not exactly anal about where the cups go, crooked shelves, creased carpets and unmade beds, therefore the room is a total eyesore even though my side of the room is peachy. What to do.. oh well put up with it la. Urf.

huh? what? That is my roommate's table, RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the room. Its like trudging through the Amazon just to get myself to the door.

3. People who stomp and slam and bang and smash and sigh like the whole world is on their shoulders - irk me SO BAD, I feel like sticking my head in the washing machine (that is if I owned one) and put it on heavy load. I mean, COME ON.... Its not like you have elephantiasis or something. Lifting the feet actually is an option to you. -.- 

4. Ignorance is not bliss. Its galling. Please BOTHER. 

5. I don't like chasing after a ping pong ball -.-

Goodnight :)
OH I changed my sheets by the way :) But then again, who is going to see it with the GREAT WALL OF CHINA completely hiding my side of the room. 


Time for chamomile tea and aromatherapy. 




nazer@mubean said...

uihh..r u ok??
wat's great wall of china??

Evana said...

hehehe me is very the okay. kot -.-

ade lah. binatang yang bernama meja. said...

wow, pabila "the other evana" bersuara.... gerun gak..hehe..

sabar itu separuh daripada iman..

Evana said...

not proud of it, next morning trus sorry haha.

thanks mengingatkn yeymi :)