Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Post

Why hello :)

As of today, I shall no longer be acquainted with Human Anatomy(well till 4th year, at least)! After three semesters of study, it all summed up to 5 hours in the anatomy department, with everyone giving it their best to reach the goals that they have set for themselves.

No more Thursday bullying sessions by Jana and the gang. No more lazy classes with Svetlana. And especially no more dry bones (so boring). The intense exam atmosphere will definitely be missed - hastened shuffling through papers, the bursts of profanity, the choked-back sobs, forehead creased as if one is hoping for knowledge to magically pop out of their craniums and the wrenching internal screams of those who thought of failing with honor by going in unprepared (especially those who were told they didn't have to take orals and pointing but suddenly had to, but in the end most didnt have to). I have to admit that the feeling I derived from the lecture hall earlier was of acute panic due to the high-pressure environment. Odd. Especially because for whatever reason, being in a classroom (or any academic environment) tends to quickly lull me into a fanciful world of sleepy daydreams, one where I’m roused every five minutes to think about what to have for dinner.

Exams have always been associated with stress and this is an increasingly common problem. From worrying about the most mundane things to being fearful of things that might happen and things that might not, these emotional by-products are an important part of our lives. Through worry and fear our body produces stress.  I'm sure we all find that to be true.

I never thought that I'd be one to fall to the evil of stress. I mean, I go on living my life the way I always have, without putting immense pressure on myself till it unanticipatedly jumps on me. In my case, irritability, fatigue, tension, headaches, chest pains, stomach aches and agitation suddenly became available on the menu. Take your pick :) Only THEN I say to myself "Wow, I must be under a lt of stress! And I never knew." *insert LOL-stupidgirl here* It is the result of dealing with events that are challenging and it upsets my mind's balance. Some of you might know.

Really, stress has a nasty habit of rearing its head when you least expect it. There can be one moment throughout the day where you think you are completely fine and getting on with your day and then the next moment, you have a headache, you feel like tearing your own hair out and snapping at everyone that you come into contact with. This is usually described as stress and it has the capability to completely ruin your day as well as your life if you let it.

Now, I havent exactly opened the Pandora's Box to stressless living but I can tell you that I have a list of things I must and WILL try.

1. Get adequate sleep.
Note to self : No more burning the night away watching Friends. No more oversleeping.
2. Engage in a hobby.
Haven't taken out Monkey in a while. He's collecting dust at the moment. Depressed over the lens I just sold off to a friend. Need the money. Oops?
3. Go on a holiday.
4. Spend quality time with friends and family
WILL DO TOO! Once I start #3 :)
5. Set realistic and reasonable goals.
I need to run away from frustration and dissatisfaction. Learn to hope for less for that is the thing that is hooking you in right now.
6. Stay optimistic.
Worry less about the things that aren't under your control. Hmm.

In conclusion:

Dear Evana,

Please keep your attitude in a positive mode and it will help you to manage these stressful situations. Look for the positive side of things and assume that people have good intentions. There is no point in burning bridges over something as trifling as 'stress'. Negativity breeds trouble and only makes stressful situations worse, no?

Besides trying to keep God as close to me as possible, this may have helped make the semester go by quickly for me. Once we've got that under control, we'll look forward to sem 2 okay?

Before I end, I would like to note that with the commencement of the VERY brief winter holidays, many are running off to various destinations to let off steam - Malaysia, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, etc. Lets take a well deserved break, congratulate ourselves, celebrate God's gift along with love and friendship, try very hard not to lose passports and come back with refreshed outlooks, shall we?

Take care and enjoy yourselves. :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Much love,


ieda said...

happy holiday and have fun! :)

kumb said...

bnyi macm xnk jual je lens tu... :P

Evana said...

@ieda: trimas!! :)
@kumb: jual la :)

kumb said...

orait... duet nnt pas kat sesape yg 1 trip ngan evana... :D