Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hey baby,

Its been about 4 months since I buried my face in your endless flabbynesssflabbers.

Its been about 4 months since you last snuggled up beside me, abandoning your own bed for mine (despite having me push you off in the middle of the night).

Its been about 4 months since you stood up for me against those who oppose me and taking my battles into your own hands.

Its been 4 months since you warmed me with your tender love, care and kindness albeit my indifference towards you. You gave me so much in terms of respect, trust, and affection but with that honour, comes a certain responsibility too heavy for my feeble shoulders to carry.

It has only been 4 months, but it sure feels like 56336638270000 years to me.

Happy Birthday Emeely dearest,
may this day bring you all the happiness your heart desires.

You may only be NINE little sister, but your maturity surpasses your age by miles.

Now, who's the big sis again?

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