Friday, October 23, 2009

Uninspiring Inspiration

Given the chance, here are the people I would love to rub eyeballs with: (arranged in no particular order)

1. Nelson Mandela

Just because he is after all, Nelson Mandela.

2. Oprah Winfrey
Classy lady with a vision not completely tainted with Burberry and Prada.

3. Roy Keane
A Red Devil who skippered the Reds to a treble in 99. How can you not want to meet him?

4. President Obama and Michelle Obama
I reckon they'd make wonderful tea company. :)

5. Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC
I will force the 'secret' recipe out of him and later on enlighten him on how his chicken wings are the primary cause of fatal obesity.

6. Doris Lessing

Author of The Golden Notebook which bagged the Nobel Prize in Literature, 07? 08? Memory failing me here. If you think Tolkien is difficult to read, you should not even come near this book. Embarrassingly, I actually had to re-read paragraphs in order to understand them. Bought it last year, still reading it, a page at a time :)

7. Albert Einstein
Simply because you are some kind of human mutation which fortunately resulted in stunning intellect.

8. Leonardo da Vinci
Yes, you too. But I gather Einstein couldn't reproduce The Vitruvian Man even if you gave him 5 years. :)

9. Synyster Gates
The ultimate rockstar. ahh... :)

A simple afternoon with the individuals above will be enough to leave Evana with a very very satiated appetite enough to last her through the week!
Ok, maybe a day or two.

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