Thursday, October 22, 2009

Asymmetrical Symmetry

Just 2 days ago, I found myself seated at the very front row of the lecture hall, attempting to absorb every single bit of Functional Asymmetry of the Brain Hemispheres to the best of my ability. 13 minutes later, I came to realise that my attention was channeled elsewhere. To be more specific; counting the number of wrinkles P. Yuriy has on his forehead and wondering why his eyebrows are constantly arched to the roof. Botox?!

Well, thats besides the point. During the hour long lecture, 'right-brained, left-brained' hoohaa was made understood to us. It seems that 'right-brained' people have an aptly concrete way of thinking. They are more artistic, able to perceive music, art and literature more comprehensively compared to the other lot, who are able to calculate, analyse and plan more skilfully. 'Left brained' individials are more abstract in the sense that they focus on small things first and only later on are able to compose the details to capture the larger idea.

Where do I stand, really? Prevalency of the right hemisphere? Or could it be the left?

I don't want to be looked upon as an idealist. A realist? Doesn't quite fit me anywhere somehow.

Intrigued I am, by physiology and anatomy. Piqued I am, by Tchaikovsky, Muse and Stereophonics.

Fascinated I am, by quantum field theory. Captivated I am, by AC Ellis' snaptures.

Titillated I am, by Krebb's cycle. Excited I am, by Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

Admittedly, I ofttimes lose myself in the beauty of the things I see; in the harmony of the things I hear; in the curvature of the things I feel.

With a broad range of interests and my inclinations hazy, I can't help but ask myself: "What defines me?"

I fear.
I fear that I might live the remaining 50 decades of my life not really acquainted with makes me, me.

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