Sunday, October 18, 2009

Readers (if there are even any),
If a song could get to you, what would it be?



lings said...

evana :)

heyyy i stumbled across ur blog! i didn't even know you had one! and i'm linked!! sorry for the !!!!!!!!s quite the excited =P

ur blog's such an interesting read - and i mean that in a totally non-sarcastic way. like, seriously :)

i hardly blog anymore, can't seem to put anything down in words, though i'm obsessed bout tumblr right now ---> then again, its all depressing shit.

shall favourite ur site and check in from time to time :)

hopw all is well on ur side of the world =)

much love,
su ling

Anonymous said...

Wonder Girls - Nobody

Evana said...

suling! why thanks! and YES youre linked :) :) haha
check in often :D wheeeeeeeeeee
i hope al is well with you and your VERY intersting life. mine is monochromatic as compared to yours!

loves :)

Evana said...

wondergirls! haha