Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am glad. Very glad. Surface maturity is second rate as compared to that of the mind and soul. Some are graciously endowed with it, while some are not quite as fortunate.
I sincerely pray for your speedy development.
Honestly, I don't find the need to explain myself to anyone because your satisfaction does not guarantee mine. My exterior may project immaturity (well, to you at least) but who are you to be the judge of that? Well, blame me if I have not yet developed crow's feet and gray hair such as thy. If you equate youth, and enthusiasm with immaturity, I shall be on your case every time I catch you cracking a joke or laughing at something as trifling as Happy Tree Friends, alright?
I just wish and hope that dear 'friends' of mine cultivate tactfulness and discretion because that current attitude which they choose to adopt is aggravating and galling. Mind you, that kind of disposition will only attain people such as yourselves more foes than allies. This simple poses as an obstacle, obscuring your aspirations later on in life. Its funny how people still are unable to perceive this simple concept. Small things matter, its quantity gathered, simply amplifies the predicament. Still hazy? Don't bother.
Maybe, you should lower that meddling finger of yours.

I apologise first hand to anyone who are uncomfortable with the apparent angst in the post above. Trust me, angst is the last air within me as I wrote (typed?) it. Frankly, I only have my best intentions in mind with absolutely no hate or whatsoever is projected to anyone or whoever.

Hate is too much of a burden for one person to bear. More often than not, it only injurs the hater more than the hated :)

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