Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today, I'm determined to put back the sunshine back into my life. To say that the past few weeks have been taxing on my mind, body and soul will be a severe understatement. I have concluded that I am the kind of person who is very fond of counting her troubles and always manages to overlook the minute joys in life. I have only begun to realise that happiness and sadness run parallel to one another. When one takes a rest, the other takes over. So, sadness, are you tired yet? Because I sure am tired of you :)

I think that its legit to compare happiness to courage. Courage to actually stay still in solace, channeling energy to the valleys of happiness and meadows of contentment a la Amy Adams and achieving peace within one's stance. Someone once mentioned that tranquil happiness last the longest because we are not equipped to bear the burden of great joys. Just look at it as, the higher you fly, the longer and harder the fall, right?

We constantly shroud our minds with all sorts of nonsense, trying to do so much till we come to the point where orientation and control desert you. Stop. Pray. Breathe. Think about what is right and only then will happiness come to you on its own accord.
I tend to contradict myself at times. I mean, I used to think that happiness was merely a state of mind and there is no such thing as true happiness. Yes, this may sound very Disney but I am pretty determined to change that apathetic perception of mine. Well, not too determined because I don't want to lose sight and forget that happiness doesn't come from obtaining something we don't have but actually more of realising and appreciating what we already have. Ok, call me the queen of all cliches but there must be some once of truth in the previous statement, right?

Stillness and compassion. hmm... Seems pretty easy huh?

I might sound shallow but pretty things make me happy. Like pretty fabric and Orchidaceae and sunshine. No, really! I hope that the sun decides to pay Moscow a visit tomorrow because it has been shying away from us lately, leaving us with ominous clouds which decided to go depressing on us today and drench all beneath it. Hmm. Speaking of tomorrow, Biochemistry control. Sigh. I guess its time to hit the books.

Oh wait! Since we're on the topic of happiness and biochemistry;

The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1!
Get it?! :)

P.s. Vitamin B1 or Thiamine. Phosphorylation of this vitamin results in a coenzyme, thiamine diphosphate-assisting dehydratases, subclass of lyases in the formation of double bond as a result of removal of H2O from alpha keto acids.

Ok ok, enough. Till next time :) It's a date! :)

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